Urology and Neurourology

Urology and Neurourology

Urology and Neurourology

Department of Urology and Neurourology

The Department of Urology and Neurourology ranks among the largest and most distinguished of its kind in the region, and even beyond.

An exceptional diagnostic and therapeutic is on offer, comprising all urologic illnesses of men, women and children. Innovative therapies are included, exceeding the standard care, but being scientifically acknowledged. Some of these exceptional methods are prostatic cancer treatment via highly focused ultrasound (HIFU-therapy), the therapy of benign prostatic enlargement via modern Greenlight laser appliances, the treatment of bladder dysfunction via sacral neuromodulation (“bladder pacemaker”).

A variety of well-established treatments for bladder weakness and pelvic floor illnesses complement the range of services.

The department is extremely well-positioned with respect to facilities and technical equipment. An experienced team of highly qualified doctors, nurses and physiotherapists take care that patients of all age groups are perfectly provided for around the clock. There are state-of-the-art diagnostic appliances, two operation theaters, a room for endoscopic interventions and an own digital X-ray machine.

Numerous modern ultrasound appliances in the format of notebooks enable a tight and uncomplicated check of the findings at the patient’s bed. Urinary stones are treated with most modern flexible endoscopes, two high-performance Holmium lasers and the most recent lithotripter for extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL). Patients suffering from urinary stones are treated in a minimum of time, so that they are fully operational once they are free of troubles.

Another special feature of the department is its interdisciplinary collaboration with other specialist departments, for instance within The Prostate Center Ruhr*, the West-German Center for Continence and Pelvic Floor*, and the Kidney Stone Center of Essen*. In this close-knit network urologists cooperate with their colleagues to realize the optimal therapy for each patient in a minimum of time.

Furthermore the department has a special focus on neurourology, reconstructive surgery, incontinence surgery, sacral neuromodulation (bladder pacemaker), implementation of artificial sphincter systems, and the conduct of complex chemotherapies.

"We offer our patients an innovative and scientifically profound medical care. Thus we provide the optimal individually adjusted diagnostics and therapy."

Prof. Dr. Robert Wammack, Chief Physician of the Department of Urology and Neurology, medical head of The Prostate Center Ruhr, the West-German Center for Continence and Pelvic Floor, and the Kidney Stone Center of Essen