Gynecologic Cancer Center of the Women’s Hospital at the Elisabeth-Hospital Essen

Gynecologic Cancer Center of the Women’s Hospital at the Elisabeth-Hospital Essen

The Gynecologic Cancer Center is certified by the German Cancer Association and provides the entire services of diagnostics, therapy and aftercare. The certification ensures highest treatment quality.

The range of services encompasses modern therapy, according to the respective guidelines, of gynecologic cancer diseases via chemo-, radio- and antibody therapy, minimal invasive operation procedures plus surgical and medicinal therapy in the case of relapses and metastases. The patients in our center benefit from the close interdisciplinary collaboration with the radiology department, thus providing the most recent procedures to diagnose diseases of the ovaries, uterus, uterine neck, vagina and labia. These procedures include ultrasound, computer tomography, magnetic resonance imaging and PET-CT.

A special feature of the women’s hospital is the certified dysplasia center, which is unique within the region. Dysplasias are cellular alterations, indicating a preliminary cancer stage of the female genital area. The center provides all options of diagnosing and treating dysplasias. The diagnostic focus is on colposcopy, which means microscopy of the uterine neck, the vagina and the vulva. Colposcopy also serves surgical treatment: The pre-stage cancer is gently removed by the latest procedures such as CO2 laser surgery, HF surgery and argon plasma technology.

The minimal invasive techniques applied at the uterine neck help prevent unnecessary tissue damage, which lowers the risk of premature birth. Laser surgery makes gentle treatment of the outer genital area possible. On the whole, 400 colposcopies and 200 operations are annually carried out.

If diagnostics confirms the suspected cancer, the cancer center specialists cooperate with numerous other specialists to safeguard optimal, individual and gentle treatment.

The Gynecologic Cancer Center patients are cared for in every respect. The center offers psycho-oncologic care and support for patients and relatives, and the team of doctors and nurses will always provide additional emotional support.