Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery

Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery

Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery

Department of Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery, Hand and- Foot Surgery

The Contilia Department of Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery has a particular focus on joint replacement. The team around Dr. Peter Feldmann performs more than 600 joint replacement operations per year. The department is certified as an endoprosthesis center.

The quality of the team is marked by the qualifications of the attending physicians, who partly dispose of more than the mere specialist medical training. Patients of all age groups and with all types of orthopedic illnesses benefit from the expertise of the doctors: From the young and active who want to cure sports traumas to the elderly with previous diseases who want to preserve a self-sustained life.

The department is able to craft joint replacements individually for hip or knee. This enables the surgeons to provide patients with severely deformed joints. Coated implants are used to provide allergic patients. Another perk is the computer-navigated surgery, which enhances the accuracy a prosthesis placement, and therefore improves the results even more.

The multicultural team of 28 rarely needs external interpreters. This makes short therapy courses and a more personal doctor-patient relationship possible.

Talking about short courses: The outpatient aftercare is also carried out within the Contilia Group – the Rehab Center is located in downtown Essen. Our patients will there receive the best possible therapy, in a timely manner and without complications.

“This is our maxim: Give every patient a maximum of life quality and joy. We want the people who come to us to achieve their original level of activities, thus enabling them to reach their goals.”

Dr. Peter Feldmann, Senior Physician of Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery