BodyGuard! Center for Preventive Medicine

The range of medical preventive examinations in the BodyGuard! Center for Preventive Medicine offers efficient options for early detection. The primary prevention detects existing risk factors and takes the requisite measures to prevent diseases.

This is complemented by the decisive advantages of secondary prevention: An existing illness can be more effectively treated by a timely intervention. The particular benefit is the direct connection to the Elisabeth Krankenhaus Essen, guaranteeing a fast and uncomplicated medical care on the highest possible level, if required.

The investigation consists of an extensive doctor-patient conversation, raising all relevant information on lifestyle, risk factors, results from previous examinations, family anamnesis etc. Complemented by the physical examination, this results in a conclusive clinical picture.

A special focus of the Center is the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Due to the spatial proximity to and the personal ties to the hospital Department of Cardiology and Angiology, the patient benefits from the entire clinical diagnostic rage and know-how. Upon finding a medical matter within the preventive examination, treatment may directly ensue in the cardiac catheter/electrophysiology laboratory or in vascular surgery, if required.

The preventive spectrum of the BodyGuard! Center for Preventive Medicine furthermore includes diagnostics in the fields of gastroenterology, nephrology, diabetology, gynecology and orthopedics. There are even more special services on offer, such as the BodyGuard! Center for Sports Medicine and the BodyGuard! Center for Naturopathy. High-performance athletes and all-round sports people will benefit from a professional performance diagnostics conducted by sports medicine specialists and cardiologists, enabling them to compile their personal training profile. The latter services are directed at people trusting in the gentle powers of natural medicine to counteract frequent troubles such as cardiovascular diseases, gastrointestinal problems, adiposity or rheumatic illnesses.

Whatever the particular concern is, the guests of the BodyGuard! Center of Preventive Medicine will be regarded holistically, and not just with a view of a particular disease.

Ulrike Stevka, Specialist for Internal Medicine and Nutritional Medicine:

“Cardiovascular diseases are one of the most frequent causes of death worldwide. Our comprehensive services provide an option to determine individual risk profiles, so that we are able to work out individually optimized preventive and therapy strategies.”

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