Department of Vascular Surgery and Phlebology of the Contilia Heart-and Vascular Centerat the Elisabeth-Hospital Essen

The range of this department comprises arterial interventions at all body regions except the heart and brain. Depending on the type of illness, therapy is carried out as interventional procedure, for instance as vessel dilation via stent, or as open surgery such as thrombo-endarterectomy or vascular bypass surgery. The Department of Vascular Surgery and Phlebology also provides the facilities and staff resources for the so-called hybrid surgery, meaning combined interventional and open surgery.

The core focus is the treatment of the peripheral artery occlusive disease (PAOD). About half of the 2000 operations per year are due to PAOD therapy, the focus being arterial reconstruction.

Endovascular aneurysm surgery accounts for another focal point. The Aorta Center Essen Ruhr is specialized on this surgery yielding high quantities and excellent qualities. The therapy can be carried out by endovascular intervention, meaning highly gentle, for more than 90 per cent of the patients. The specialist knowledge of the 15 doctors is complemented by the most recent technology such as the so-called fenestrated and branched prostheses (side branch prostheses) or chimney technique. Aneurysms provided for are those of the abdominal artery, thoracoabdominal arteries and thoracic arteries including aorta arch.

An additional focus lies on interventions at the cervical arteries to treat and prevent apoplexy diseases. These interventions are performed in high quantity. As quality-securing measures, angiography, intraoperative ultrasound flow measuring and intraoperative duplex/Doppler sonography complement these interventions. The high quality standards have ensured that throughout the recent years the stroke rate within prophylactic interventions has been zero – a superb performance. For symptomatic patients, the rate was between one and two per cent.

The entire department team is highly qualified and motivated. Patients can rely on an excellent medical care plus high personal empathy. The highly qualified nursing team furthermore provides an optimal aftercare following the surgical interventions.

"The patients in our Department of Vascular Surgery and Phlebology encounter a team that can treat any vascular disease, both life-threatening and restricting the quality of life. We have a reputation of good interaction and a view of people in all their uniqueness and individuality."

Prof. Dr. Johannes Hoffman